Party Games: Overcooked!

Overcooked is a 4 player couch co-op cooking game where you and your fellow chefs frantically scramble to get orders out in time for hungry diners. It's extremely fun. The frantic teamwork can lead to some hilarious blunders, and satisfying triumphs. Overcooked plays much like a Mario Party mini-game. There are few mechanics, but the simplicity is excellent. You cut veggies, prep meat, cook, plate, serve, and wash. Easy, right? Wrong. It is total chaos – hysterical, cartoonish chaos. Too add to the onslaught of meal orders, many of the levels will evolve at random. Everything might be running smoothly until your kitchen is split in two by an earthquake, temporarily preventing you from half of the duties you need to accomplish. One kitchen is made up of the beds of two trucks careening down a highway, and when the trucks separate you better hope you aren’t in between the two. Another level is plagued with rats that’ll come steal your vegetables! Those bastards!

It’s a simple, quirky party game that you’ll love to play with friends over drinks. Seeing is believing though, so just watch Tim Schafer and friends at Double Fine:

Overcooked is the first game from the two-man studio Ghost Town Games, and it’s very worth your time. I played on PS4, but it’s also available on PC and XB1 for just $16.99

Go get it and support these guys! It's always awesome when such a small team is out there making their own thing, and even better when that thing is actually good!