On Repeat: Hot Dad, The Orwells, Injury Reserve, The Shins


Back from the break finally! Kicking off the year with 2017's first On Repeat. Don't forget to go support these artists by listening/following/buying their music! You won't regret it. I guarantee it. or your money back probably. 


Hot Dad - Sports Men

Erik Helwig AKA Hot Dad is a YouTuber who has been making comedy videos and music since 2007. I hadn't heard of him prior to this track, nor have I watched any of his non-music comedy videos, but he makes very well thought out, albeit silly, music videos. This is a cover of the original song from Haruomi Hosono. He's a lot of fun to listen to and I suggest checking out his YouTube Channel. I know I'll be dropping back in there from time to time. 

The Orwells - Black Francis

The Orwells are a punk/indie rock band from a Chicago suburb that have been making music together since 2009. This is a brand new track off their upcoming February 17th album 'Terrible Human Beings'.

I think the album is a diss to Frank Black of the band Pixies, but I'm not entirely sure why, or how - aside from the use of his name and referencing "Viva la Loma Rica" which was a gang in the area that Black grew up. Whatever - It's a fun song and I like it!


Injury Reserve - What's Goodie

I can't get enough of this album. It's solid front to back. The thing about this Arizona native rap trio is that they aren't pretending to be something they aren't. The big beats, and bangers, while at first glance may feel trashy, are extremely fun to listen to. There is a weird kind of mixture between tracks fueled on a nostalgia of 2006 bangers, to more jazz infused modern beats. They are self aware of the sound they produce, and you can tell that they are just having a ton of fun doing it.

Nearly every beat on this album is unique. They have created a distinct sound to set themselves apart. You know when your about to hear Killer Mike or El-P jump onto a track - RTJ has a distinct sound that screams their brand. In a similar way I can see these guys building a brand that is Injury Reserve. Yeah, it's not entirely unique at this point, but they have a ton of potential that I'd love to see grow into something great. 


The Shins - The Fear

It's been almost five years since The Shins have released an album, and to say that I am excited for this upcoming album is an understatement. Sadly, Jim Mercer is the only active original band member since 2009, but the band has retained it's original sound with some minor adjustments to modernize themselves.

This track is stunning. He sings about being afraid, how irrational a feeling it can be, and how it changes you and hold you back. "I feel the fear. Of all the stupid things a man could feel. While his freedom rings, he squanders the deal." It's something that too many of us can relate to.