The Winner of E3 2017

Call me disillusioned or jaded, but I felt underwhelmed by the end of Sony’s press conference at E3 2017. It was a good conference – maybe even on the cusp of great – but not only did we see a lot of the same from last year, we were told that we won’t be getting our hands on much of it until 2018.

I do love that we saw some TRUE exclusives. Sony didn’t pull any shenanigans by loosely throwing around the term “exclusive” like Microsoft did. But although the faux-exclusivity was frustrating and desperate, Microsoft showed a lot of new and surprising things. Their show was more exciting.

It’s hard to say whose conference “won” the show because even though I had more fun watching Microsoft showoff a ton of new games I knew deep down that I could play 90% of them elsewhere or wait for them to come over to PS4. This compared to Sony who touted mostly console exclusives with the occasional 3rd party exclusive dlc from Call of Duty or Destiny 2 – it’s hard to say who won in my opinion.

Maybe Nintendo won?

No, seriously. Nintendo is showing the fans that they are listening. Game Freak made an appearance to confirm that a Pokémon RPG is in the works for Switch. We saw gameplay for Super Mario Odyssey, a new Yoshi game, and a new Kirby game. They’re making a Metroid Prime 4 game, guys! They even went as far as giving the fans EXACTLY what they want by confirming TWO Metroid games in the works: a 2D retro style Metroid, and a 3D Prime game. It’s insane.

When you take all of this combined with a slew of other details like Zelda: BOTW DLC, Fire Emblem Warriors, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Rocket League and Minecraft cross-platform play. That and they were featured with Ubisoft for their collaboration with the Mario + Rabbids game, and with Bethesda for their Skyrim port with Amiibo support and motion controls (ugh motion controls). The point is this:

Nintendo is back, everybody - and they’re listening.

And I think they won E3.