On Repeat: Brockhampton, The Mountain Goats, Porter Robinson, Hundred Waters

Welcome back to On Repeat. The inconsistent music blog that posts whenever it damn well pleases. Enjoy these hand selected ear morsels. 



Brockhampton is a group of guys who met in an online forum in 2015 and decided to meet up and make "the internet's first boy band". And that's what they are. Although their music has obvious hip-hop influence they  tend merge the style, and sounds of popular internet culture into their music and look. They aren't rappers.. they're a weird-ass internet boy band.

There are 15 guys apart of this group. 15. Most of them don't appear on the tracks - their titles range from producers, web designers, creative directors, and graphic designers. As far as the lyrics go, there are about six or seven vocalists. it's kind of ridiculous, but they make it work. This album as a whole is just fun to listen to. It isn't very thought provoking, and they aren't pushing boundaries, but they bring a lot of playful energy to their music that is catchy as hell and contagious. 

The Mountain Goats

"rain in soho"

The Mountain Goats formed way back in 1991 as a solo act with singer-songwriter John Darnielle. The American indie rock group has gone through a slew of member rotations over their long years as a band, but Darnielle remained the one constant. Early production tended to be out of house recording onto tapes or vinyl, but in recent years the band has seen more commercial growth and transitioned into a more traditional studio production.

They've appeared in television late night shows, performed a version of the opening theme "Little Boxes" for the TV series Weeds, have had multiple credits in movies, several tracks played on the Adult Swim show Morel Orel, and have even been featured in the weather report for podcast Welcome to Night Vale. Apparently Darnielle and Welcome to Night Vale creator Joseph Fink have a mutual appreciation of each other's work as they recently announced a new podcast that they will co-host titled "I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats". Each episode will be a deep dive into a track from the band. 

porter robinson & Madeon


Porter Robinson is a 25 year old North Carolina native who started self teaching himself music production at the age of 12. Incorporating influences from Dance Dance Revolution, video games, and his love of Anime and Japanese culture he's made waves and gained notoriety by the age of 18. Robinson has been featured in Billboard's 21 under 21 list at the number 7 spot, topped the iTunes Dance chart with his EP 'Spitfire' (released through Skrillex run label OWSLA), and has been commissioned for remixes by popular artists such as Lady Gaga. In 2016 he met up with Japanese animation studio A-1 Pictures to create the story and short movie for 'Shelter'. This guy is seriously talented. Even if you aren't a fan of anime or this song, check him out. I'm looking forward to more from him in the future. 

Madeon is a 23 year old producer and DJ from Nantes, France who's first appearance in the spotlight was made with his YouTube video from 2011 "Pop Culture". The video I'll put below. Because it's awesome. You may have seen it, but just watch the damn thing again.

I don't have a lot to say about Madeon. I'm here for Porter honestly, but don't let that keep you from checking him out. He's very talented and if you like this song you'll dig the rest of his work.

Hundred Waters


Hundred Waters is a three-piece indie-rock/electronic group that formed in 2011 in Florida. I first heard of them in 2014 with their album 'The Moon Rang like a Bell', and fell in love immediately. Nicole Miglis has a wonderful voice. She has a great range in pitch and volume. Often you'll hear one of their songs start with very quiet vocals - sometimes giving off an ASMR vibe - and then she'll belt out a powerful chorus or bridge. I'm not sure when a new album will drop for the band, but they have been trickling out singles all year long from their label OWSLA (I didn't plan on mentioning Skrillex's label twice... it just kinda happened). I love the song 'Particle', and, although it feels like a departure from the last album's mix of live sounds with electronic production, it shows off the bands style that drew me to them. Their unique song structure. Their changes in tempo. Their ability to incorporate the quaint, with the loud and powerful. If you like this track I highly suggest their 2014 album, the other singles that they've released to date, and Skrillex's remix of their opening track featuring Chance the Rapper. They're not a group to miss out on, and, with the team their working with, I doubt you will.