The 3 Most Disappointing Games of 2016 | Not Another Critic

There have been some great games to come out in 2016, but there have also been some that vary in quality ranging from simply disappointing to straight-up stinkers. This isn't a list of terrible games, but rather the few that i was looking forward to playing that let me down. I'm not mad at these games, I'm just disappointed.


Mirror's Edge: Catalyst

Mirrors Edge was released in 2008 by EA Dice, and was met with mix critical reception, but spawned a cult fan base. It was one of the first games to incorporate the action of free running in a meaningful, fun way. I enjoyed it all the way through. I never replayed it, but it left enough of an impression to make me excited to see what the next iteration had to offer. Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is just straight up dull. I tried to enjoy the game, but the world, the characters, and the story are all so BORING. It’s so thoroughly uninteresting to the point that it made me reconsider the merits of the first game, and wonder what I even enjoyed about the series. That’s not what you want in a sequel to a beloved game!

The mechanics are fun – I’ll give it that, but, in a world of free running action-shooters like Titan Fall and Call of Duty, Mirrors Edge loses some of its… well, its edge. The game doesn’t feel like it aged well, and it didn’t evolve the mechanics in a meaningful enough way to hook me. The worst part about it is that I’m not even mad. I have no emotional response to this game. It will be forgotten, and disappear into the ether that is the constant barrage of newer, better gaming experiences. At least No Man’s Sky made me feel something - even if that something was frustration…

No Man's Sky


Let me preface this by saying that we have no one to blame for our mass disappointment than ourselves. We let our expectations get out of hand, and I’m at fault as well, but we were duped. Kinda. I mean I get it - Hello Games is a tiny studio with big ideas, and when a large company like Sony has your back you get excited. You maybe make some promises you can’t keep, and put your foot in your mouth. Maybe in the excitement you blatantly lie about the game having a multiplayer element, but these things happen… right? Like, c’mon, there are TRILLIONS of planets; nobody’s going to find each other anyways…..

Regardless of who’s to blame and of our unattainable expectations: the game was disappointing. While No Man’s Sky kept its promise of a vast almost infinite universe to explore, it lacked the variety and pizzazz that we saw in the trailers and preview events. Planets felt lifeless, creatures mostly looked the same from one star system to another, and the moment to moment gameplay was tedious. The universe felt lonely. I understand that the theme of this loneliness is intentional – realistically, nothing you do in the universe matters when you look at the big picture, but that doesn’t make for a good game.

Hello Games is started to churn out updates – most recently a large patch that adds new modes (Survival and Creative) and building bases, but it’ll take a lot more to get me to play No Man’s Sky at a consistent rate.

Mafia 3


Mafia 3 seemingly has a lot to love: A well written (albeit cliché) story, likable characters, an interesting setting, and a large open world. On paper, it sounds like a dream. It’s not. Mafia 3 is fun in its first few hours until it sinks underneath its repetitive gameplay loops, it’s boring open world that is too big, and its bugs. They may have fixed the buggy physics by now, but I wouldn’t know because I traded in my copy – I didn’t want to miss out on its high trade-in value while it was still worth something...

I wasn’t anticipating Mafia 3 for very long. I didn’t get myself hyped for it. I was simply excited about a new mobster game starring a black man in the 60’s. but the game failed to deliver a compelling gameplay experience, and allowed the player to do things that felt out of character for the main character of Lincoln Clay. There is much more to be said that you can read about in my review, but the short version is this: Mafia 3 had so much promise, SO MUCH, and it fell flat and hard.


These are just my opinions though - you know that right? Disagree? Leave me a vile criticism in the comments ;P

by Cory Foust

Cory runs the site and writes real bad for it too!