EA Dice is Making Battlefield 1’s ‘Great War’ about the People Who Were Involved

I just recently plowed through Dan Carlin’s six episode, in-depth odyssey of WW1 from his podcast Hardcore History. With each episode sitting around an average of 3-4 hours in length, it’s more like I trudged through it over the course of months.. Regardless of the semantics, Carlin managed to light a fire in me over the events that took place in and leading up to the war. I discovered, through him, a passionate interest in this muddy war of trenches.  

Battlefield 1 couldn’t hit at a more perfect time, not only for me personally, but for many evidently. The world is crying out for a change. Call of Duty is going further into the future, and in doing so making the world less relatable – less human. You can’t get much more human, more raw, or more emotional than ‘The War to End All Wars’. My only fear was EA Dice missing that human connection. For now, my fears are quelled.

From a post on the official Battlefield website:

“In Battlefield 1 you’ll experience a series of what we call War Stories: personal stories focusing on different protagonists with unique backgrounds and skills. While our characters are at war, the stories in Battlefield 1 are personal. They’re about people rather than history or battles.”

This is exciting! I can’t wait to play across multiple battles, landscapes, and cultures in such a global war. This war was the first of its kind. It was the methods of the past violently clashing with the technology of the future – Nobody knew how to fight in a war like this, and it was fought by regular men and women. Regular joes who hadn’t the slightest clue what they were getting into.

“The Great War is diverse. We knew we wanted to embrace that variety. There were so many different perspectives and characters in World War 1 and we wanted to cover as much ground as possible.”

”Danny Edwards, our driver character, is not an ace sniper. He’s not a crack pilot. He’s not a demo expert. He’s a former chauffeur – a volunteer new to the war. He can drive and he can fix things. That’s where we start.”

As of now I have the utmost confidence in EA Dice. The game looks gorgeous, the multiplayer Beta was a ton of fun, and if they are able to deliver on a compelling narrative for the single player this will have everything you want out of a game. Mark your calendar, folks – Battlefield 1 drops October 21st for PC, XB1, and PS4.