Let's Talk About No Man's Sky Pt. 2

Week 2 and I am still enjoying the game, but I can understand why some aren’t. The moment to moment gameplay is extremely mundane, and lacks variety. Finding a new factory to raid, or abandoned outpost to loot play out similarly each time. There simply isn’t a whole lot to do which feels weird to say considering the game’s 16 Quintillion planets. The scope of the game is insanely massive, impossibly so, and the fact that the small 15-person studio at Hello Games managed to pull this off is astonishing. 15 people! But the size of the game has slowly become more of a nuisance, and dull – especially since there is nothing particularly special happening during your expedition. The game is special, don’t get me wrong, but in a similar way that Minecraft is special, only you can’t build anything. You mindlessly take resources from each planet you go to, and, when you've taken everything you need, you bounce. I can pop in headphones and listen to a podcast while playing this - which I don't want to because the soundtrack is FANTASTIC, but the moment to moment tasks are so mindless that it’d be maddening if I didn’t have something else to keep me equally occupied. I’ve been playing less and less lately due to the game crashing, but I’m sure that’ll be patched soon (hopefully my PC friends get their version fixed soon too! My thoughts and prayers are with you).

So the game is still fun, but the initial magic of finding a new creature, learning a new word in the Gek alien language, or finding an ancient monument grow less and less magical as the game goes on. The game is currently a battle, nay, a war for inventory space. No longer do I struggle against the elements, run from aggressive wildlife, or fear the all-knowing sentinels – I fear running out of inventory space. My time has become the most precious commodity of the game. A larger inventory space saves the my time spent scavenging for supply’s that I need to be used for scavenging for supplies that I don’t need - to sell for MORE INVENTORY SPACE. It’s a vicious cycle, really.

I am still hooked by No Man’s Sky, but not in the way I want to be. I want to like it more than I currently do because there is so much room for so many possibilities. I think Hello Games mentioned that they were going to give the player the ability to construct their own buildings/trading posts, and I’m sure more ships, missions, and unique events are on their way as well, but this isn’t the first time we’ve been told about something “in game” that is not there at all. But for now, I’m back to it – headphones in, listening to MBMBaM or The Comedy Button, making my backpack bigger, and purchasing a fucking Greyhound bus of a ship.