Mid-Year Roundup: Everything

Happy mid-year! The year is halfway over so let’s take a moment to reflect on some of my favorite games to have dropped so far. These will continue to trickle out over the next couple weeks until I get to my favorite of the year (so far). 

Everything might be one of the most unique games you play this year. I’m not even sure that you could call it a game, but rather an interactive philosophically poetic art piece.

 In Everything the player will play as – well, everything. You may be a lone elk, a flock of crows, a group of rocks and trees; even things as small as particles of dust and flakes of skin, to things as large as sound waves, light, stars, and 4th dimensional shapes of energy.

It’s truly bizarre, but, in the way it’s presented, Everything is elegant, playfully clumsy, and thought provoking. Irish artist David O’Reilly intended Everything to be an interactive display of the interconnectivity of the things that make up the universe; as well as the connection that they share with each other and the player.

The game is peppered with narrated quotes from philosopher Alan Watts. Watts is largely credited with popularizing Eastern philosophy in the West, and his ideas, along with a strong dose of stoicism, bleed throughout the game.

I couldn’t wait to reach the next wave of philosophical narrative – not simply because these theories of being where interesting to hear and ponder, but also because the game is extremely lonely otherwise.

Were it not for the speaker, the only other sounds you may hear are the wind and the earth, the obnoxious squawks and heaves of wildlife, the low humming of the cosmos, and a beautiful soundtrack that slowly comes in like rain and passes similarly. It speaks heavily to and about what you are doing in Everything – which is simply being. Experiencing. Interacting.

"I want Everything to make people feel better about being alive. Not as an escape or distraction, or arbitrary frustration, but something you would leave and see the world in a new light."

This is exactly what Everything has done for me. As silly as it is to control a herd of cows that move by tumbling across the earth, to inhabit a piano traveling through infinite space, and to occupy the being of a strand of hair floating and dodging the dust and grit - there is something weirdly profound and deeply comforting about it all. It’s meditative. It’s Zen.

Everything is a game that I won’t soon forget, and I’ll be coming back to it from time to time for a long time. It’s a game without pressure, yet without it’s support. It cares deeply, but is without restraint when telling you, “You Do Not Matter.” It’s contradictory in the same way life is, and it’s beautiful. 


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