On Repeat: Parquet Courts, Big Thief, The Avalanches, Black Tusk

On Repeat is a new on-going series of short and to the point articles about the songs that have been stuck in our heads, and deserve to be stuck in yours as well.

Parquet Courts - Berlin Got Blurry

Parquet Courts is a Brooklyn, New York based rock band that formed in 2010. They have a visceral alternative post-punk tone that's infused with an occasionally-psychedellic sound. The music is just a ton of fun. They know how to make a catchy tune that is punk in nature, yet nuanced enough to distance themselves from being labeled a 'Punk' group. If you think this track is great check out the whole 2016 album Human Performance.


Big Thief - Masterpiece

Also coming out of Brooklyn, New York is Big Thief. Masterpiece is the first track off of the like-titled debut album. I have yet to listen to the album completely so I’m not as educated on the quality of the rest of their songs (though they’ve been critically well received), but I can NOT get this track out of my head. I come back to this alternative indie-rock band’s song quite frequently whilst scrolling through my recent likes on YouTube.


Black Tusk - God's on Vacation

Black Tusk is a three-man sludge metal, hardcore punk band from Savannah, Georgia. Formed in 2005 and have had five albums release since. Their newest album Pillars of Ash was completed with a new bassist after a founding member, bassist Jonathan Athon, was severely injured in a motorcycle accident and, per his request, removed from life support. The track is infectious and unrelenting. The music isn’t all that unique, but if you don’t feel compelled to head-bang along then just get out right now. There’s the door. Get out.


The Avalanches - Frankie Sinatra

Melbourne, Australia’s The Avalanches highly anticipated album Wild Flower had been in production since 2005. I’d say it was worth the wait, but I had never heard of the group until recently – however, yes, the album is fantastic. Danny Brown and MF DOOM feature on the track Frankie Sinatra and totally kill it. The weird beat is a perfect match-up for Danny Brown’s off-the-wall rap style. The rest of the album is phenomenal as well. If you liked this track give the rest a shot.


And with that I bid you adieu! Hope I can get some good music stuck in your head On Repeat!