On Repeat: Pinegrove, Slaves, Chvrches, Tame Impala

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Pinegrove - Old Friends

Pinegrove is an indie rock, alternative country band from Montclair, New Jersey. Cardinal is their debut album on Run For Cover Records, but their second full-length album as a band. They are all great musicians that have a very down to earth, small town vibe, and their lyrics are touching, poetic, and thought provoking. If you like this track you'll love the rest of the album. For more on this band check out our review from earlier this year.

Slaves - Consume or Be Consumed ft. Mike D

English punk rock duo Slaves formed in 2012 and is reviving the genre with their own unique blend of grungy punk, garage blues, and hip hop lyrical flow. They're a ton of fun to listen to. This track features, very very briefly, Mike D (Beasty Boys). This feature doesn’t really add or take from the track in a meaningful way, but it is cool to hear him on here, and it gives a little peak into some of the influences of Slaves music style.

Chvrches - Bury It ft. Hayley Williams

Chvrches is a Scottish synthpop band from Glasgow, Scotland. Pronounced "Churches", they replaced the u with a v to help differentiate themselves from actual churches (as in the building) in web searches. Also, because they thought it sounded cool. This track features Hayley Williams who you may recognize from the band Paramore.

Tame Impala - Let It Happen

Tame Impala is the psychedelic rock/pop brain child of Australia native Kevin Parker. Parker writes the music and records all instrumentation on his own in the studio, and has the band for live performances. The line-up changes are so ridiculous (for who does what at any given period) that they have a color-coded chart for it on Wikipedia. The band’s first studio album Innerspeaker went gold in Australia, and sophomore album Lonerism went platinum. These albums lean more towards Psychedelic rock with Lonerism beginning to expand slightly more into pop territories with additional use of synth. The newest album Currents has even more use of synth and leans even more towards pop with cleaner more straight forward sounds while still retaining the bands psychedelic flair. Although I enjoyed the last album more in its entirety, Currents is still a fantastic album and a soundphile’s wet dream.


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