On Repeat: Swain, Hope Sandoval, Childish Gambino, Jeff Rosenstock

I'd apologize for missing last week and being late this week, but I really am not sorry. Life is busy, and it ain't my damn job to find these songs for you ya lazy bum... okay I'm sorry - please keep coming to check out On Repeat!

Swain - Never Clean My Room

I couldn’t find much on the band Swain. What I could dig up is that they’re from the Netherlands and are formerly known as This Routine is Hell, an instrumentally heavier sounding band. The change in their name came with a change in sound as well. They’ve adopted a 90’s angsty grunge punk sound that feels less intentional and more natural. I won’t pretend to be familiar with this group, I am not, but I do thoroughly enjoy this track Clean My Room. Their 2016 album The Long Dark Blue seems to be about starting over. This concept of hitting the reset button carries into many the albums tracks, and I’m thinking this idea began when the band changed its name and genre. The concept is most obvious in the chorus: “Save yourself the trouble, you can count on me to split. I’ll never clean my room; I’ll just move when I get sick of it”. I love this song. It’s got a familiar, almost nostalgic feel. Plus, it’s nice to hear an obvious Nirvana influence that doesn’t feel played out and cheap.

Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions - Let Me Get There ft. Kurt Vile

Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions is an ‘acid folk, alternative/dream pop’ band – Whatever the fuck that means. They make folky, alternative rock music. Let’s go with that. I have yet to listen to their 2016 album Until the Hunter, save for this track featuring blues/folk rock artist Kurt Vile. It’s a pleasant track that hangs in the air, floating and bouncing between Hope and Kurt as they take turns singing.

Childish Gambino - Me and Your Mama

There is a lot to be said about Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino. He started on YouTube, moved on to writing for television and stand-up comedy, starred in the sitcom Community, and most recently over the past few years has expanded into the music industry with his hip hop/R&B music while continuing to write and act. He’s a monster. A brilliantly talented machine. I grew up with him, watching him grow and evolve into more and more. I feel invested in this person, and this track is a peek at what’s next in the evolution of Donald Glover. There’s an extremely good video I recommend you watch that says everything I just did but much better.

Me and Your Mama is a fantastic single that provides a slight glimpse at what’s to come in his upcoming album that is slated to release December 2nd of this year. The track is introduced in a dream-like hip-hop beat accompanied by a soulful choir. This beat progresses and gets slightly more modern right before it shifts ENTIRELY. The music genre changes to a more 60’s influenced psychedelic rock with very apparent Jimmy Hendrix and Beatles influences. “Let me in to your heart” sings the choir in a way that evokes a similar emotion and sound of the Beatles “She’s so heavy!”. It’s a truly fantastic track, and an extremely smart way to prepare his fans for this shift in music style of the coming album. I can’t fucking wait.

Jeff Rosenstock - Blast Damage Days

Jeff Rosenstock is a Long Island native musician/songwriter who has been in several different punk/ska/indie acts such as Arrogant Sons of Bitches, Bomb the Music Industry!, and Kudrow (never heard of em), and has been making solo music since 2012. Blast Damage Days is a love song at its core that reflects on modern American lifestyles and events. It’s a beautiful, and sad song, and he fucking made the music video stupid as hell. It’s pretty funny, but if you ignore the video it’s actually a very touching and well written observation of the world as currently is, and his feelings towards it as it impacts him.

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