Pinegrove 'Cardinal' Review

Pinegrove is a wonderful little alt-rock, indie group with a country flare. I am absolutely in love with this album. The album hits all the right notes (no pun intended), and it does so brilliantly. It's largely in part to the lyrical talents of Evan Hall. His voice and lyrics are what make the album really stand out and hold its own. The songs are so well composed and put together, one could be easily fooled by the relaxed, almost lazy feel to many of the tracks, but the vocals really glue the floaty motions together, forming a tightly knit well balanced track list. The album is short, but emotional. Sweet and to the point. Not a single dull moment. If I had to choose one weak link of a song it’d be “Then Again”, but even this track grows on you after a couple listens.

My favorite track is 'Aphasia'. Aphasia is a speech and language disorder. This disorder can range from occasionally being unable to find words, to losing the ability to speak, read, or write - with no damage to intelligence. In the song he details a character, or himself, as a person with this affliction who has somehow managed to break free of it. "So satisfied I said a lot of things tonight. So long Aphasia and the ways it kept me hiding". Things are beginning to look up for this person. They feel "redelivered" with a new found confidence. No longer will they be a victim of this "hesitant oblivion". That is until they slip up, and begin to doubt themselves. "Thing's go wrong sometimes, don't let it freak you out" he tells himself. "just when I thought I had this pattern sorted out apparently my ventricles are full of doubt". It's a powerful song about the isolation of this disorder.  

I could write (poorly) about music forever, but the best way to understand the experience is to actually experience it for yourself. Do yourself a favor and go buy this album = $5 on bandcamp

Favorite tracks: Aphasia, Old Friends, Cadmium Red