'That Game Company' Teases Their Next Game

That Game Company, creators of masterpieces such as Flower and Journey, teased a series of pictures earlier today that give us a very slight glimpse at the studios newest game. The first image below was shared along with the text attached: “a game about giving”

Two hours later another image was revealed

And another two hours later:

Shortly afterwards That Game Company tweeted the images together along with a message:

“We hope you’ll enjoy @thatnextgame, and in the meantime we’re hiring”

Aside from the three images and the release year, that’s all that was said. However, among the positions That Game Company is looking to fill is a Networking Engineer:

“We’re developing a real-time, multiplayer game server system capable of handling a massive amount of concurrent users. Providing a reliable and low latency experience for our players is a priority. Accounts and login, resource scaling, seamless matchmaking, live updates, are all examples of systems that you would be planning, executing, testing, and maintaining. We have a working system, but we need your help to bring it to the robust, world-class level required to provide an impactful multiplayer experience to people around the globe.”

Journey was a mostly solitary game, but you would stumble into other real-life players (one other player at a time) to continue your journey with. There was no way to communicate with each other save for a melodious chirping/bell sound you could make – this was an incredibly tasteful and touching way to make a single player experience with multiplayer elements. It sounds like That Game Company plans to increase the interactivity between players on a larger scale this time around.

It was no secret that the developer wanted to expand on the interactivity. They were quoted last year as calling this next game a connection driven experience, and it seems like they’ve stuck with it. I can’t wait to see what That Game Company’s “That Next Game” is.

For more on this stay tuned.