Video Game Music: Jukio "Kuabee" Kallio

There are brilliant musicians and composers in the video game industry - that's undeniable.  Nobuo Uematsu, Marty O'Donnell, and Austin Wintory are some of the most well known and greatest composers in the industry and, in my opinion, of all time, but there are so many games with great music that often times go unnoticed. This is my attempt to share some of these lesser known musicians that deserve your attention. 


Formerly known as Kozilek, Jukio Kallio (AKA Kuabee) is an extremely talented musician from Helsinki, Finland. He's produced work for a number of video games including LUFTRAUSERS and, most recently, Nuclear Throne - a fun, chaotic, bullet-hell top down dual-stick shooter. 


Kallio has a wide range of musical styles that he is very capable of pulling from. Nuclear Throne has a grimey, gritty western feel to a majority of the tracks that fit in well amongst the ragtag group of mutants and monsters you play as and battle against. While LUFTRAUSERS manages to brilliantly combine a clockwork militaristic efficiency with a mixture of 8-bit, heavy electronic, and classical music elements. 


And then we have his solo work. 'Wired', a track under his newest alias Kuabee, is probably my favorite track from him thus far. The atmospheric electronic pop is a nice change of pace from his professional work, and done extremely well. It reminds me of older tracks from The Postal Service, or even Shiny Toy Guns. 'Can't Catch Me' is an older track of his, but is a great example of his sound - it's fun, upbeat, a little wacky, and heavily electronic. The lead synth on this track will get stuck in your head for days. 


Long story short: Go check this guy out. He's extremely talented, and makes some genuinely great music. And keep listening to the games you play. You just might stumble upon something great.