NAC Episode 21: Juice Box

What's in the box!? What's in the BOX?!! We address this question, along with some other questions, like racism and infinite realities/universes. You know, stuff that's way over the heads of three idiots. 

Starring Brandon Carroll, Red Martin, and Cory Foust

NAC Episode 18: The Real Pizza Gate

topics this week include: Nick Cage impersonations, Video Game Music, Mansplaining, Current events, coming up with new words, and nazi punching. 

Guest this week Jesse Reeves joins Cory Foust, and Brandon Carroll while Red is out for the week. 

Episode 17: Robin Williams Swimming

Thanks for listening to another episode of the NAC podcast! Topics include: On Repeat, Video Game consoles inside your TV, Russian urine mugs (?), Chicken nuggz, The Nintendo Switch, and how little we know about the things we know and what we know is forever wrong. 

Starring Cory Foust, Brandon Carroll, and Red Martin

NAC Episode 16: Kanye Interrupts Inc.

New year new meeeee... well, not really. We're bringing in the new year with the same ol shiiiizz, ya dig? Topics today include: the top ten games of 2016, we ask if 2016 was really that bad, Multiplayer vs single player, the worst xmas gifts we've ever received, upcoming video game releases, and things we are probably completely wrong about.

Starring Cory Foust, Brandon Carroll, and Red Martin

NAC Episode 15: *insert meme implying 2016 was the worst year ever*

We wrap up the year with a very xmas themed episode. Dead Children. Fuck I'm sorry. We're taking the next couple weeks off but we'll see you again in the new year! Topics This week include: Trying to understand the music, mouse towns, Skepticism, The Last Guardian, and we talk about dreams (I'm Sorry)

Starring Cory Foust, Brandon Carroll, Red Martin, and guest starring Martin Ornelas!

NAC Episode 14: Mom and Pop Shop

Another week of the NAC podcast. should be just call it the Nac (knack) cast? I think we should. But I'm also wrong about many many things. Topics this week include: Final Fantasy XV, personal internet bubbles, burning down the workplace, Marvel vs Capcom sins against humanity, and Brandons church of death. Welcome to the NAC. 

Starring Brandon Carroll, Cory Foust, Red Martin

NAC Episode 11: Brandon Kills His Ancestors

Another week of the NAC with Cory, Brandon, and Red. We talk about how Brandon might have killed one of his ancestors in a video game, Daylight savings time is stupid, Our favorite toys as kids, squirrels, and some other bullshit. I'm sick and I don't wanna type anymore! Welcome to the NAC.     

NAC Episode 9: Foreign Objects #buttstuff

Another week here at the NAC and we welcome first-time guest long-time friend, Chris Hancock. Him and Brandon are getting drunk. The basterds. This week we talk about PSVR and, more importantly, VR Porn. We try to figure out what dabbing is, we try to answer some Yahoo Answers questions, we talk about the N64, and dying from butt stuff! If you read all that and still insist on listening then god bless you. Oh, also Brandon's audio less than ideal! Welcome to the NAC. 

NAC Episode 8: Red Straight-up Kills a Donkey

This week on the NAC we welcome back the delightful donkey killer, Red Martin! That's right, he may or may not have murdered a not-horse. Cory is very prepared and totally has a great quiz ready, and Brandon talks about the 5th floor of a Japanese sex shop. Welcome to the NAC.

Special thanks and shout out to DJ Tone for letting us use his music in this episode! I think we finally found our theme-song. Check the rest of his music out here.

NAC Episode 6: FYDRO

In this episode of the NAC we have Kingdom of Giants' own Red Martin joining in. We talk about Moon Rocks, Mafia 3, how Brandon chopped off his sister's finger, WiFi candles, Red's a HACKER, and we read from the Satanic Bible. We still don't know what the fuck we're doing.