NAC The Finale: Closing Up Shop For a New Podcast Name

We're done competing for SEO with the National Arts Centre, and N-ACETYL CYSTEINE whatever that is.. So, we're wrapping this show up on episode 23. Michael Jordan style. Jim Carey of serious acting style. Ok, this is better than that by at least a little. ANYWAYS! Fear not, we're creating a new Podcast called Talk Good that will go live next week. New Podcast, same 3 idiots. You'll love it.

In this episode, we invoke an ancient diety via the necronomicon! We talk about The Legend of Zelda (yes its amazing), terrible times we've burst into laughter, and bad bad movies to watch while under the influence. It's a good one, folks.

Starring Brandon Carroll, Cory Foust, Red martin, and guests Martin Ornelas, and Freddy Mercury