Talk Good Episode 11: The ABCs

This week of Talk Good we try to defend Macklemore - well.. Brandon tries to defend Macklemore. We also talk about E3! Aliens murdering us is unique ways! Racist RoboCops! and Cock Fighting! We're a video game podcast I think!

Starring Brandon Carroll, Cory Foust, and Red Martin. Also welcoming back Scott Sibillia and Freddy Mercury for the first time since the season finale of The NAC Podcast. 

Talk Good Episode 7: That's What That's is!

Cory's drunk. So it's already gonna be a mess just right out the gate. 

Topics today include the following: When a man makes another man an offer, Head-banging on a plate of death, Virgin Wombats, Fast-Food Rap Battles, and white people.  

Starring Cory Foust, Brandon Carroll, Red Martin 

Talk Good Episode 5: The Hans Zimmer of Salvaged Boats

Red has an aneurysm, Persona 5, United Airlines, call centers, Pirates of the Caribbean,  and fuckable technology? those are the topics. I think? that's what Brandon was talking about right? I don't know... Welcome to Talk Good. 

Starring Red Martin, Cory Foust, Brandon Carroll

Talk Good Episode 4: Vin Diesel's Hamvatar

Topics of the show include the following: The Odd Couple if it was Tom Cruise and a Mummy, Engineering the Strongest Ham Sandwich, Speed 3, and Spiders: They're just like us! Starring per the usual: Cory Foust, Brandon Carroll, and Red Martin. 

Talk Good Episode 2: The Existential Carpenter

Sad mom simulator, black twitter, the health care system of Grand Theft Auto, and how to stand-up - these are things. Things we talk good about. 

Starring Brandon Carroll, Cory Foust, and guest Scott Sibillia