F*** Boy Grows up, Won't Stop Talking about How He Hates F*** Boys

Tampa, Florida (VG) - James Doogen, former fuck boy, was caught posting on Facebook about how awful his gym is now that "all the fuck boys go here now."

Artistic representation of Doogan

Artistic representation of Doogan

No one confronted the former fuck boy about his somewhat hypocritical statement, but many comments were shown as being typed, but never posted. 

"Sometimes it's just not worth it, ya know?" said one friend of Doogen's, who wished to remain anonymous. "You just type up this long thing - you're really about to let him have it, but then you realize it doesn't even fucking matter. He wont even understand."

As it turns out according to medical science, once one has become a fuck boy they will remain a fuck boy forever. It will be a part of them for the rest of their lives, and with that I think we can all rest a little easier tonight.